Chief Officer on LPG - Ethylene Gas Carrier

Chief Officer on LPG - Ethylene Gas Carrier
Position: Chief Officer
Salary: 11000 $ / month
Join date: 13.02.2020
Duration: 4 months
English level: Good
Preferred citizenship: Any
Vessel name: Empery
Vessel type: LPG — Ethylene Gas Carrier
DWT: 17000
Shipowner: Anglo Eastern Ship management
Sailing area: worldwide
Additional info
experience carrying Ethylene required. At least 18 months in rank. salary commensurate with experience; Indicated salary is for officers with at least 34 months in rank. $250 Ethylene allowance is included in monthly salary
+7 812 748 26 52
Зар. плата:
11 000 у.е.
Старший помощник капитана/Chief Officer
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