Chief Officer on Chemical tanker

Chief Officer on Chemical tanker
Position: Chief Officer ( Master )
Salary: Negotiable
Join date: 15.03.2019
Duration: 3 months/3months
USA visa: C-1/D Required
English level: Good
Preferred citizenship: Russia
Vessel type: Chemical tanker
DWT: 45000
Shipowner: Bahri / Mideast
Crew onboard: mixed
Additional info
Requierments: -Dwt 45000 or more -Zinc silicate or interline 9001 coating -Tank cleaning experience of annex 1 and 2 -Chemical cargoes 2-3 cl., Oils, MEG, DEG, spirits,acids. -Not more than 2 companies/crewings during last 5 years! Permanent contract with one year duration (3/3) Salary: Chief Officer 12600 USD Master 14000
Зар. плата:
0 у.е.
Старший помощник капитана/Chief Officer
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