Accord Crew Management LLC

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We are a team of young professionals with a rich experience in the field of manning and complete crew management. Cooperating with German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Polish, Ukrainian, Singaporean, Indian and other shipowners, we clearly understand the work-related specifics of each of the above mentioned regions. We are fully focused on the labor market and act in accordance with the international maritime legislation.

Our Company is registered and fully licensed in accordance with the National and International standards.
The main task of our Company is to provide our Partners with the proper candidates even more than fully satisfying to the requests, arrange convenient and economically profitable crew changes, reduce the expenses and increase revenue in our joint team business.

Our purpose is a long-term cooperation and we offer the most favorable conditions for our mutually beneficial partnership.

The principle of our work is honest and trustful relations with the Partners.


Адрес: 140a Lyustdorfskaya street, office 1109, 65014, Odessa, Ukraine

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